street wear

2018 Street Wear

Street wear is a style of wearing clothing which is based on casual, comfort pieces including jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, and baseball hats.  It is generally agreed that the movement was born out of the Los Angeles surf scene and encompasses a lot of hip hop, Japanese street fashion, and modern haute  couture or high fashion.  Born out of the 1970s and 1980’s the movement has made a huge comeback recently.  It’s recently popularity has also attracted many luxury brands to the scene and not just existing brands like Nike and Gucci, but has also inspired completely new luxury brands based around the style from rappers like 50 Cent, Sean Combs, Jay-Z and may others.  Many of these styles have trended towards being very expensive that individuals with poor credit history can’t afford.


Contemporary street wear is a fashion trend mixing both formal and active style clothing.  This typically emphasizes being comfortable and casual over any type of traditional formal wear.  Common for this type of sports wear is hoodies, leggings, track pants, bomber jackets, sneakers and tennis style skirts.  This appears to be almost exclusively a revitalization of the hip hope culture in Los Angeles in the 1990s.

Luxury Sports Wear

Luxury sports wear takes a lot of the same elements of contemporary street wear and applies them to higher end luxury products.  Some of the brands involved in this include DKNY, Gucci, and Alexander Wang.  Many of the same styles are used and for most of the outfits accentuate both comfort and standing out as to draw attention to yourself.  This is often a typical part of street wear.  Luxury sports wear uses higher end fabrics to justify the higher price like satin, silk organza, leather, neoprene, and wool crepe.  Luxury wear is not available to all at some of the prices being pushed but on several forums is an indicator of high society and is lauded by the community.

Seasonal Sportswear

According to season the type of sports wear is going to change.  You obviously wouldn’t wear the same clothes in the summer as you would in the winter.  Winter street wear will be focused on jackets and shoes and less focused on the t-shirt and baseball hat portion of the traditional style.


This is a blog focused on luxury street wear and features products that are exceptionally expensive and “high society”.  Everything from $500 shoes to hoodies really excluding all those the better off financially and those who make street wear a big part of their life.  HighSnobiety is more than just a fashion brand though as it covers music, art, and culture.  It is based in Berlin with offices also in London and New York.